Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Isle of Peace

Imagine if you will, the sun is just setting over the beach. Beautiful streaks of purple and reddish orange reaching out like delicate fingers across the evening sky. As you sit under a comforting shelter, a gentle rain begins to give delicate and tantalizing sounds. A great sense of peace and god's love wraps you and brings you a meditative comfort.

As the rain clears, the gulls settle at the calming dusk. Here, there is only peace. Here, there is only beauty. Here there is only you and me, my love. I see your radiant beauty shimmering in  the evening light as you dance to the song of love. Our souls enraptured in melody, your heart in mine.

You are my love, my beauty...you are My Isle of Peace.

Come listen to the music track on SoundCloud at http://soundcloud.com/clinton-stevens/my-isle-of-peace

Dedicated to my soulmate and love of my life. To my wife, Kimberly

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